Swissquote Bank Europe preferred offering
to Riveraklubben members


Swissquote Bank Europe welcomes Riveraklubben members to complimentary VIP Platinum status and its associated benefits 



VIP Platinum level benefits deliver an investing experience
with enhanced client services and lower fees




  • Free account maintenance fee.

  • Reduce your stock and ETF trade costs to as low as 0.02% with VIP trade bundles.

  • Enjoy 20% discount on Fund and Smart Portfolio fees.

  • Receive priority client services and support.





Join Swissquote and earn up to EUR 1'500 when you make a qualifying deposit of new money or assets


1. Open
Open a trading account  with the promo code MKT_RKPARTNERS

2. Transfer
Transfer in new assets – cash or securities – within 2 months of account opening

3. Earn
Your bonus is transferred into your account

Apply now



up to 500 EUR


Terms and Conditions

1. This Promotion is applicable to all new Riveraklubben members who do not currently have a Swissquote Bank Europe account and open a trading account with Swissquote Bank Europe using the promo code MKT_RKPARTNERS. If no promo code is indicated, the client will not receive the gift.

2. To qualify for the bonus (up to EUR 1'500), the Client must transfer in new assets (cash or securities transfer) within two months of account opening:
- EUR 1'500 when you deposit 1'000'000 or more
- EUR 1'000 when you deposit 500'000 to 999'999
- EUR 750 when you deposit 250'000 to 499'999
- EUR 500 when you deposit 100'000 to 249'999
- EUR 250 when you deposit 50'000 to 99'999
- EUR 100 when you deposit 10'000 to 49'999

3. The value of the account must remain equal to or greater than the value after the deposit was made for 12 months (excluding losses due to market movement), or Swissquote Bank Europe may charge the account for the cost of the offer at its sole discretion.

4. The bonus will be deposited into the account the following month the latest.

5. All other regular fees and pricing will apply, e.g. forex spreads and phone trading will be subject to the current rate card.

6. This offer is limited to one per account. Joint-account applicants and multiple account applicants are only entitled to benefit from the offer once.

7. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

8. This offer does not apply to Forex/CFDs or Smart Portfolio accounts

9. Swissquote Bank Europe reserves the right to add, alter or modify all or any of these terms and conditions, or replace wholly or in part, this offer by any other offer, or to withdraw the offer altogether, without prior notice.

10. This offer is provided by Swissquote Bank Europe and is governed by the applicable Luxembourg law and regulatory provisions, and banking customs generally applicable and followed in Luxembourg.




A wealth of investments to match your needs.



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How does the VIP Priority Line work?

As a VIP client, you will benefit from priority service when you call or email us.

If you qualify for Apex, you will also receive personalised support from our Client Ambassador team. Please make sure you call or email us from the phone number or email address that is registered on your account.

How do I receive my benefits?

You don’t need to do anything. Once your account qualifies for VIP, you will be notified within 30 days and your VIP benefits will automatically apply to your account.

Please make sure you call or email us from the phone number or email address that is registered on your account.

How does the VIP Large Trade Bundle work?

Our VIP trade bundles are designed for investors that trade in larger sizes (from 250k to 1m $/€/Fr). You must call or email us to purchase a bundle of 4 or 20 large trades. Large trade bundles expire 12 months after purchase and are not renewed automatically.

Once the VIP trade bundle is active on your account, our standard rate of commission will continue to be charged on each trade, but you will be refunded at the end of each month to account for the lower cost of trading with a bundle.

Can I have a standard Trade Bundle and a Large Trade Bundle at the same time?

Yes, you can. If you have a standard and a large trade bundle at the same time, trades under 250’000 $/€/Fr will be deducted from your standard trade bundle, and trades 250’000 $/€/Fr and larger will be deducted from your large trade bundle.

You will be charged standard commissions when settling your trades, but will be refunded at the end of each month to account for the lower cost of trading with your bundles.

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