Crypto-asset products

Like everywhere in life, it's all in the right mix! That's why Swissquote currently also offers crypto ETFs, crypto ETPs and to round out, crypto derivatives for more choices to manage crypto exposure.

Your advantages

High potential
Invest in the financial system of tomorrow

High leverage
Increase your profitability by going long and short on cryptos thanks to mini-futures

High diversification
Invest in different crypto asset classes and lower your risk


EUREX – FTSE Bitcoin Futures


The EUREX exchange now offers the very first Futures on the FTSE Bitcoin index in EUR and in USD. These products enable you to both hedge your Bitcoin positions and sell them short.



Micro Options


Options & Futures on BTC and ETH


Discover the new Options & Futures contracts on BTC and ETH, enabling you to better manage your exposure and to sell short. Take advantage of your new crypto opportunities now!

Build your digital asset portfolio with the first bank
in Europe that lets you invest directly in cryptocurrencies

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Digital Assets Risk Disclosure


Digital Assets are unregulated in most countries and consumer protection rules do not apply. As highly volatile speculative investments, Digital Assets can become illiquid at any time, and are not suitable for investors without a high risk tolerance. Make sure you understand each Digital Asset before you trade.