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Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities, Bonds, Forwards | Stocks


Forex, Metals, Indices,
Commodities, Bonds, Forwards

Swissquote offers all-in spreads without any commissions on more than 130 Currency Pairs, Metals and CFDs on Indices, Commodities & Bonds.



Trade on the movements of all the main global stocks and enjoy transparent and simple pricing tailored to your individual trading level. Overnight financing or borrowing costs and dividend tax adjustments may also apply.

Stock market countriesCommissions per sideMargin
min. 25K USD
United StatesUSD 0,01/share
Min. USD 9*
From 20%
Min. USD 9*
From 20%
Min. USD 9*
From 20%
United Kingdom0,09%
Min. USD 9*
From 20%
Min. USD 9*
From 20%

*same amount in base currency for accounts in CHF/EUR/GBP. For other currencies, an equivalent of the amount in USD will be charged.


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Other potential trading charges

Overnight costs and borrowing fees for Stock CFDs

By opening and closing a CFD position within the same day, you avoid overnight costs. However, if you hold a CFD position overnight, your CFD position will be credited of debited for keeping your positions open from one day to the next. Lastly, a borrowing fee will apply when holding a short CFD position overnight.

Cash dividends on Stock CFDs

Stock CFDs may be subject to dividend adjustments credited to the client’s account for long positions or debited from the client’s account for short positions. Dividends are booked on the execution date and payed on the next day. The table below shows the final percentage of dividends received by the client after withholding taxes.

Country% client receives on LONG position% client pays on SHORT position


Cash adjustement on Index CFDs

When any underlying stock that is part of a Spot Stock Index goes ex-dividend, the Spot Stock Index will be price adjusted to reflect this dividend. The weighted proportion of the applicable dividend within the Spot Stock Index will be credited (Long Positions) or debited (Short Positions) as a cash adjustment on your account on the Ex-date reflecting the market price movement on the Ex-dividend date. Only open positions held overnight on ex-dividend date are subject to dividend cash adjustments.

Please note: Spot Germany 30 is a Total Return Index, meaning the index is automatically adjusted for dividends.

Extra charges

Inactivity fee

The inactivity fee will be charged if you have no open positions and have not been trading on your account(s) during a period of 6 months or more.

The inactivity fee amounts to a maximum of 10 units of your base currency* (irrespective of the number of accounts you hold) or to the equivalent of your remaining balance.

The inactivity fee will be deducted on a monthly basis until you resume your trading activity, close your account(s) or the balance of your account(s) is reduced to zero. (The fee may reduce your balance to zero, but will not take it into the negative.)

*valid for accounts in CHF, USD, EUR or GBP – For other currencies, equivalent of EUR 10 will be charged

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