Fund Depositary

An optimised service model 


Swissquote unique value proposition

Unique multi assets, currencies, services platform with trading in real-time via apps made directly available to the Investment manager (inclu. mobile)

A vast investments universe (all asset classes, intl. stock markets, large choice of funds etc.) directly linked to our top tier sub-custodians

Execution and Banking services with highly competitive all-in pricing allowing to achieve reduced TER

Sole Banking provider for Digital Assets

One-stop shop Banking provider providing real-time access information for the Portfolio Manager:

  • Investment orders
  • Subscription/Redemption orders
  • Ongoing payments
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Currencies and hedging positions
  • Credit solutions
  • Securities Lending


Depositary Function


Under the requirements of UCITS and AIFMD laws, the depositary undertakes the following functions:


Cash flow monitoring



Record keeping and verification of non-custody assets


Safe keeping
of custody assets


Oversight (including oversight of valuation of the UCI and compliance with investment restrictions and leverage limits)