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Did you know that mutual funds distributed by most banks and brokers are loaded with extra fees that reduce your portfolio’s performance?

At Swissquote, we give you access to over 2’000 funds in their clean share-class. While the lowest management charges are traditionally for institutional investors, the clean share-class gives you access to the same funds from the biggest names in asset management, but with lower fees.

Clean Funds

• Are stripped out of hidden fees and kick-backs (also known as trailer-fees)

• Can significantly improve the performance of your portfolio over the long term




Up to50% no background

Example of saving with Fidelity Global Technology Fund

Fidelity Global Technology FundClean share class (Y)Traditional share class (A)
Fund costs1.04%1.89%
You save0.85%

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With the world’s leading Asset Managers as well as boutique fund families,
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Why invest in mutual funds?

Mutual funds offer many benefits, including asset and risk diversification, active portfolio management by industry experts;
which may help you reach your long term investment goals.

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Important information: Our services are designed for self-directed investors who make their own investment choices without personal advice. It means that we will not assess the suitability of an investment with your personal circumstances. If you’re unsure about the suitability of an investment, you should seek independent professional advice.