Digital Assets


Full-feature Digital Asset Banking Solutions



SQX, the Swissquote exchange runs 24/7 and is built on a best-price model, with real-time settlement and extra liquidity. We offer unique connectivity features and extended support hours.


Use Swissquote’s banking infrastructure for the direct safekeeping of your assets with our custodial storage solutions that always keep your assets safe. Swissquote’s versatility results from the implementation of two different custody solutions.


Leveraging its Banking license, Swissquote is duly authorised to act as a depositary for AIFs based on digital assets strategies.


Conveniently earn passive income from your digital assets using native staking.


Your digital assets can unlock discounted fees and extra protection. Your digital assets are only lent to reputable institutions whilst maintaining 110% collateral in traditional financial instruments such as cash and transferable securities to protect your investment.


Segregated wallets offer greater transparency, easy reconciliation and robust auditing.

Market data

Digital assets market data is continuously analysed to monitor execution quality and global liquidity. We leverage this data to provide reliable trading and pricing information, as well as charting on your preferred time intervals across real trading pairs.


SQX’s leading technology can be leveraged using our APIs: FIX connectivity and OpenWealth APIs (custody & trading)

Lombard Loan

Leverage your digital assets to build your multi-asset portfolio strategy.

Expertise since 2017

  • Operating in a highly-regulated environment as a Banking Group with two banks (Luxembourg and Switzerland)
  • Two ICOs with a built-in auction platform
  • Token Issuance of Swissqoin (SWQ)
  • Vast partners network and expertise on market practices
  • Experienced digital assets Compliance and Legal teams following industry best practices for robust compliance
  • Direct Custodianship with segregated wallet setup as per clients' requirements and stringent security processes such as multi-approval (M-of-N approvers) and safelisted address

Operational setup safety
and robustness

  • Registered as VASP since 2021 in Luxembourg
  • Fully regulated by the CSSF for digital assets services
  • Depositary authorisation including Digital Assets
  • Operated by a qualified custodian under FINMA supervision
  • Strong compliance, satisfying regulatory requirements established by CSSF and FINMA
  • Appointed by large institutional clients as a custodian of their digital assets ETP