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Trading account

Stocks & ETFs

  VIP Status (find out more)
All Markets0.1%
min 14.95 EUR (24.95 EUR for Tokyo Exchange)
Trade bundle50 trades: 745 EUR / 100 trades: 1'495 euros
Trade over 25k $/€/Fr: a 0.06% commission applies to the value of your trade over 25'000 EUR or currency equivalent
VIP trade bundle From 250'000 to 1m$/€/Fr
4 trades: 1'000 EUR / 20 trades: 4'000 EUR

Trade Bundles are valid 12 months from date of purchase

Mutual Funds

  VIP Status (find out more)
Buy/Sell commission0.5%0.4%0.4%
Entry and exit fees*FreeFreeFree
Management feesSave up to 50% on management fees with our range of 2'800+ clean funds

Minimum fee per transaction: 24.95 EUR
*Please note that some Assets Managers apply entry fees on certain funds or require minimum Investments amount. Please carefully review the fund's regulatory documents before each transaction.



Transaction amount (EUR/USD)Fees (%)
25 - 10'0001%
10'001 - 50'0000.75%
50'001 - 500'0000.5%


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One account. Everything you need for the best investing experience

Your account is free if you trade at least once a month, or 15 euro per month when you don’t.



  • Multi-currency account and easy-to-use platform.

  • Free real time data across 20+ exchanges.

  • Premium Morningstar research & innovative tools.

  • Industry news, technical analysis.

  • Dividend & corporate action processing.

Other Trading Fees

Phone trading fee

Additional Phone trading fee: EUR 20

Multiple Fills

Only one commission is charged when one order requires multiple fills on the same day. If your order requires multiple fills over two or more days, one commission will be charged per day.

Exchange fees

Additional exchange fees or taxes levied on transactions will be charged directly to trades when applicable.

UK: 0.5%
France: 0.3%
Germany:  0.0038 % (min EUR 0.60 - max EUR 18)
Italy: 0.1%
Spain: 0.2%
Please note that the French and Italian Financial Transaction Tax on applicable purchases will still be charged, even where a position is sold the same day.

Hong-Kong: 0.1% (rounded up to the nearest dollar)
For Singapore, all transactions are subject to a Clearing Fee of 0.0325%.

For Structured Warrants a Clearing Fee of 0.05% is charged (subject to a cap of SGD 200). UK Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) Levy is a flat charge of GBP 1 on all transactions over GBP 10'000. Irish Takeover Panel (ITP) Levy is a flat charge of EUR 1.25 on all Irish transactions over EUR 12'500.

Currency Conversion Fees (Forex)

The following spreads apply to currency exchange and trades settled in a different currency. Applicable spread will apply for each portion of multiple-fill stock trades.

Trade size (Euro or currency equivalent)Spread
25'000 - 100'0000.75%
100'000 - 500'0000.50%
> 500'0000.25%

Currency conversions from or to ILS, MXN, RUB and TRY will be applied a flat 0.90% spread.

Account Fees

Account Maintenance fee

Free if you trade at least once a month, 15 euro per month when you don’t. 

Account maintenance fees are charged on a pro-rata basis upon account closure.

Forex trades do not count as qualifying trades.

Transfer fees

Incoming transfers and payments

 ChargesValue Dates
Bank Transferfree*same day value

* Swissquote does not charge any fees of its own but any correspondent bank fees shall be borne by the client.


Outgoing transfers and payments

 ChargesValue Dates
Bank transfers in Euros to a country of the Euro-zone (under EUR 50'000)free*execution day**
Other transfersEUR 10***execution day**

* For payments under EUR 50'000 made to SEPA-Zone countries (member states of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco) with completed beneficiary IBAN and BIC details where fees are shared between the sender and the beneficiary. Otherwise, payment will be charged EUR 10.
** Instructions confirmed before 11 am CET on a weekday will be processed on the same day. Instructions confirmed after this time will be processed the following business day at the latest. Please send your instructions directly via your online account under the "Payments/Transfers" option.
*** Please note that intermediary banks may charge additional fees, which will be outside Swissquote’s control.


Internal transfers

 ChargesValue Dates
Transfers between Swissquote Bank Europe accountsfreeexecution day*

* Transfers between Swissquote accounts may take up to 24 hours to complete.


Securities transfers

Receipt of securities from another institutionfree (no Swissquote commission)
Transfer of securities to another institutionEUR 25 per position

Please note we do not deliver securities in physical form, and certain transfers may take several weeks to complete.


Corporate Actions: Up to EUR 10

Special services
Account closure feeup to EUR 10 (if account balance is less than EUR 10)
Money/investments credited to a closed accountup to EUR 10
Corporate Account FeesEUR 500 per annum
Additional Work RequestsEUR 50 (first hour) and EUR 30 (subsequent hours)
Inactivity fees

An account management fee will apply to accounts inactive (no trades or transfers) for 24 months or more.

Inactivity periodQuarterly fee
24 months0.1875% (min. € 100)
36 months0.3125% (min. € 200)
60 months0.4375% (min. € 300)

+17% VAT for residents of the EU.

Margin & Interest Rates

Margin Rates

Margin interest rates vary due to the base rate, the currency and the size of the loan.

CurrencyBenchmark rate
1 Mar. 2021
Loans <50'000
(Benchmark rate
Loans >50'000
(Benchmark rate
Loans >250'000
(Benchmark rate
Loans >1'000'000
(Benchmark rate


CurrencyBenchmark rate
1 Mar. 2021
(Benchmark rate +4.99%)


CurrencyBenchmark rate
1 Mar. 2021
(Benchmark rate +12.99%)
Debit Interest Rates
Currency Interest rate 
All CurrenciesBenchmark rate + 12.99%

Interest will be charged on debit balances in each sub currency-account. Debit interest will be accrued daily and will be charged to your account on a quarterly basis. Clients are responsible for the management of the different sub currency-account balances.

Benchmark rate = monthly average of one-month market indices: Euribor 1 Month ACT/360 (EUR), ICE LIBOR USD 1 Month (USD), ICE LIBOR GBP 1 Month (GBP), Canada Bankers Acceptances 1 Month (CAD), ICE LIBOR CHF 1 Month (CHF), Stockholm Interbank Offered Rates 1 Month (SEK), Association of Banks in Singapore Swap Offer Rate Fixing 1 Month (SGD), HK Assoc of Banks Hong Kong Dollar HIBOR Fixings 1 Month at 11:00am (HKD), AUD 1 Month Deposit (AUD). Debit interest will be charged quarterly in arrears.

Credit Interest Rates

Interest, where applicable, are accrued daily and posted on a quarterly basis.

CurrencyEUR 0-1'000EUR 1'001-10'000EUR 10'001-50'00050'001+


* The ECB deposit facility rate will apply on euro balances over EUR 500,000. Following a 12-month period of account inactivity (no stock, ETF or mutual fund trades), the ECB deposit facility rate will apply on euro balances.
From 1 August 2020 – The ECB deposit facility rate minus 0.25% will apply on euro balances over EUR 250,000. Following a 12-month period of account inactivity (no stock, ETF or mutual fund trades), the ECB deposit facility rate minus 0.25% will apply on euro balances.


VIP Program

How can I qualify for VIP status?

Qualification for VIP status is tied to the value of your Trading Account and/or your trade volume. Accounts that qualify for a new VIP status are updated within 30-days of meeting requirements. Once acquired, status is good until the 30th of June of the next year.

- Platinum: account value €1m or more (or currency equivalent)
- Apex: account value €5m or more and/or 12-month trade volume €25m+
You’ve traded €25m or more in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies and cryptocurrencies with Swissquote Bank Europe over a 12-month period

Does status expire?

Yes. Status is earned through the 30th of June of the following year. Your account must continue to meet qualification requirements for your status to be renewed.

What if I have more than one Swissquote account?

Your VIP status and benefits apply to one Trading Account at a time.

How does the VIP Priority Line work?

As a VIP client, you will benefit from priority service when you call or email us.

If you qualify for Apex, you will also receive personalised support from our Client Ambassador team.

Please make sure you call or email us from the phone number or email address that is registered on your account.

How do I receive my benefits?

You don’t need to do anything. Once your account qualifies for VIP, you will be notified within 30-days and your VIP benefits will automatically apply to your account.

Please make sure you call or email us from the phone number or email address that is registered on your account.

How does the VIP large trade bundles work?

Our VIP trade bundles are designed for investors that trade in larger sizes (from 250k to 1m $/€/Fr). You must call or email us to purchase a bundle of 4 or 20 large trades. Large trade bundles expire 12 months after purchase and are not renewed automatically.

Once the VIP trade bundle is active on your account, our standard rate of commission will continue to be charged on each trade, but you will be refunded at the end of each month to account for the lower cost of trading with a bundle.

Can I have a standard trade bundle and a large trade bundle at the same time?

Yes, you can. If you have a standard and a large trade bundle at the same time, trades under 250’000 $/€/Fr will be deducted from your standard trade bundle, and trades 250’000 $/€/Fr and larger will be deducted from your large trade bundle.

You will be charged standard commissions when settling your trades, but will be refunded at the end of each month to account for the lower cost of trading with your bundles.

What is the Junior Smart Portfolio?

A Junior Smart Portfolio is simply a Smart Portfolio on preferential terms for your children. Note that you will be the beneficial owner of the account as Swissquote Bank Europe does not currently support accounts for minors.

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