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Custody Fees








2€ per contract

Detailed pricing

Account Fees
Account openingFree
Account maintenance fee ¹Free
Custody feesFree
Dividend and corporate action processingFree
Account closure ²Free

¹ EU residents and VIP clients. Other countries: free when you trade once a month (forex trades don’t qualify), €15 otherwise.
² Account balance is less than €10, up to €10 otherwise.

Stocks & ETFs
US, Canada0.1%
UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway0.1%
Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia0.1%

14.95 € minimum commission (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 24.95 €). Dubai Financial Market commission 0.25% (minimum 24.95 €).

Trade Bundles: Choose the number of trades you want to execute over one year and automatically benefit from our special conditions for active traders.

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Other Trading Fees

Real-time Quotes

Free for stocks, ETFs and structured products.

€0.85 per transaction on Options.

Multiple fills

Only one commission is charged when one order requires multiple fills on the same day. If your order requires multiple fills over two or more days, one commission will be charged per day.

Exchange Fees

Additional exchange fees or taxes levied on transactions will be charged directly to trades when applicable.

UK: 0.5%
Euronext (France, Belgium, Netherlands): €0.15 + 0.63 bps (0.0063%)
Switzerland : CHF 1.00 + ad valorem fee available on the List of Charges under the Trading Rules (Regulation | SIX (
Germany: Xetra 0.0038% (min €0.60 - max €18)
German regional exchanges:

France FTT: 0.3%
Italy FTT: 0.1%
Spain FTT: 0.2%
Please note, for French, Spanish and Italian Financial Transaction Tax on applicable purchases will still be charged, even where a position is sold the same day.
Hong-Kong: 0.1% (rounded up to the nearest dollar)
Singapore: all transactions are subject to a Clearing Fee of 0.0325%
Dubai: AED 10.5 + 18bps
EUWAX: 0.095% (max €15.80)
EUREX (EU Equity and Index Options): See exchange fees
ISE (US Equity Options): 0.45$ per contract
CME (US) options and futures: See exchange fees (applicable pricing is non-members / Globex type). Please note that US futures contracts are subject to an additional 0.02$ per lot.

For Structured Warrants a Clearing Fee of 0.05% is charged (subject to a cap of SGD 200). UK Panel on Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) Levy is a flat charge of GBP 1 on all transactions over GBP 10'000. Irish Takeover Panel (ITP) Levy is a flat charge of EUR 1.25 on all Irish transactions over EUR 12'500.


Trade size (€ or currency equivalent)Commission
25 - 10'0001%
10'001 - 50'0000.75%

No minimum commission.

Mutual Funds
Subscriptions and redemptions0.5%
  VIP    Subscriptions and redemptions0.4%
Entry and exit fees*Free
Management fee (ongoing charges)Up to 50% savings with clean funds

€24.95 minimum commission.
Hedge funds and complex products: 0.5% min EUR/USD/CHF 300.
*Please note that some Assets Managers apply entry fees on certain funds or require minimum Investments amount. Please carefully review the fund's regulatory documents before each transaction.

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Warrants & Certificates

€14.95 minimum commission.

Options & Futures
MarketsCommission per contractMinimum
EUREX Options & FuturesEUR/CHF 2EUR/CHF 9.95
EUREX Futures on FTSE Bitcoin Index (FBTE & FBTU)EUR/USD 10EUR/USD 30
ISE OptionsUSD 2.5USD 9.95
Cboe Options & FuturesUSD 2.5USD 9.95
CME CRYPTO Options and Futures (BTC & ETH)USD 10-
CME CRYPTO Micro Options and Futures (BTC & ETH)USD 5-

Options Assignments or Exercises:

Swissquote Bank Europe does not charge an option exercise or assignment fee. Certain transactions are subject to the standard commissions for the applicable product.

- Stock options: standard buy or sell commission applies to the underlying stock
- Other options: standard option commissions apply

Important : At expiration, in-the-money long options positions will be exercised by Swissquote, and not sold.

Futures Rollovers (offline):

Rollovers of Futures contracts can be instructed over the phone. Standard Futures commissions apply, with a minimum of 20 (€ or $) per leg.

Precious MetalCustody Fees1Spread2
Gold XAU0.2% p.a.0.25 – 0.9%
  VIP   Gold XAU0.1% p.a.0.25 – 0.9%

¹ + standard VAT rate for EU residents.
² refer to Currency Conversion spreads.

Service Fees


Transfer IN Cash Free
SEPA Transfer OUT Cash 5Free
Other Transfer OUT Cash 5€10
Manual order – phone trading supplement€30
Manual and off-exchange transactions (e.g. special requests, OTC trades, ETF and ETN redemptions, ADR conversions)Min €250 + third party fees
Bonds (offline, Professional investors only, min. trade size 100k)0.30%
OTC Structured Products (incl. AMC) - subscription0.25% min €50
OTC Structured Products (incl. AMC) - OTC secondary market0.50% min €100
US OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet securities (sale only) - Structured Products0.50% min $100
US OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet securities (sale only) - Stocks0.50% min $50
Publicly Traded Partnerships (PTPs) - custodian segregation (US TIN required) ¹   VIP   Free€50 per quarter per account
Low priced securities ¹   VIP   Free€30 per quarter per holding
Transfer IN SecuritiesFree
Transfer OUT Securities€25 per line
Internal transfers (between Swissquote Bank Europe accounts)Free
Non-standard transfers ²€50
Ad-hoc certificates€30
Special requests€80 per hour
Insurance accounts – custody services ¹0.06% per year
Inoperative accounts ¹ ³0.10% min. €50 per quarter
Inactive accounts ¹ 4Additional research fees
Corporate action to a closed account€10
Fixed-term loan setup (under 1 million)€500
Opt-in Professional statusFree

¹ Subject to VAT for EU residents.
² E.g. incomplete sender or beneficiary information, transfers not instructed online.
³ Accounts with no trades executed over a period of three years or more are subject to a quarterly administrative fee of 0.10% on assets (securities, digital assets and precious metals), with a minimum of EUR 50 per quarter
Additional research fees may apply for the special handling and supervision of assets held on accounts qualifying as inactive as per the law (accounts with no contact with the Bank for a period of 3 years): research costs incurred, with a maximum of 10% of the value of the account (max. €25'000).
Please note that intermediary banks may charge additional fees, which will be outside Swissquote’s control.

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Margin and Interest Rates

Please visit our Interest and Margin Rates page for detailed margin interest rates, for interest rates on cash and overdrafts.

Currency Conversion
Trade size (€ or currency equivalent)Spread
0 – 24’9990.9%
25’000 – 99’9990.75%
100’000 – 499’9990.5%

Currency conversions from or to ILS, MXN and TRY will be applied a flat 0.9% spread.


A flat 0.9% spread applies to currency conversion on trade settlement and overnight auto-forex currency rebalancing.

How does the VIP Priority Line work?

As a VIP client, you will benefit from priority service when you call or email us.

If you qualify for Apex, you will also receive personalised support from our Client Ambassador team. Please make sure you call or email us from the phone number or email address that is registered on your account.

How do I receive my benefits?

You don’t need to do anything. Once your account qualifies for VIP, you will be notified within 30-days and your VIP benefits will automatically apply to your account.

Please make sure you call or email us from the phone number or email address that is registered on your account.

How does the VIP Large Trade Bundle work?

Our VIP trade bundles are designed for investors that trade in larger sizes (from 250k to 1m $/€/Fr). You must call or email us to purchase a bundle of 4 or 20 large trades. Large trade bundles expire 12 months after purchase and are not renewed automatically.

Once the VIP trade bundle is active on your account, our standard rate of commission will continue to be charged on each trade, but you will be refunded at the end of each month to account for the lower cost of trading with a bundle.

Can I have a standard Trade Bundle and a Large Trade Bundle at the same time?

Yes, you can. If you have a standard and a large trade bundle at the same time, trades under 250’000 $/€/Fr will be deducted from your standard trade bundle, and trades 250’000 $/€/Fr and larger will be deducted from your large trade bundle.

You will be charged standard commissions when settling your trades, but will be refunded at the end of each month to account for the lower cost of trading with your bundles.

What is a Junior Smart Portfolio?

A Junior Smart Portfolio is simply a Smart Portfolio on preferential terms for your children. Note that you will be the beneficial owner of the account as Swissquote Bank Europe does not currently support accounts for minors.

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