Margin Trading and Personal Loans
starting at 0%*


Borrow your first
50,000 for free*

Extra buying power without
selling existing investments

Real-time margin tool to
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Margin Trading

  • Boost your purchasing power by borrowing against the value of your holdings.

  • NEW – you can also use your cryptos as collateral.

  • Only pay interests on what you use.

  • Coming soon – never miss an opportunity with automated instant margin

Margin rates

Personal Loans

Suitable for most of your financing needs, Swissquote Personal Loan is a line of credit that can help you borrow at much lower rates than with unsecured forms of borrowing, as you secure your loan against your eligible investments.

It also offers the ultimate in flexibility with no monthly payment requirements, arrangement fees or penalties.


*New margin rates, effective from 1st July 2021.

Borrowing against your investments involves a higher degree of risk to your capital and is not suitable for all investors. If you are unsure about the risks and features of this service, we recommend you seek professional advice.

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