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No Setup Fees

Get started with
only 5'000 EUR/USD/GBP.

No Rebalancing Fees

Additional funds
are invested at no charge.

No Exit Fees

Withdraw funds
at your convenience.

All-in annual costs from 0.90% to 1.88%

Total value of your Smart PortfolioOn the first 50'000
On the next 50'000
Over 100'000
Swissquote administration fee0.90%0.60%0.40%
Product Costs*0.50% (0.98% tree-picto)0.50% (0.98% tree-picto)0.50% (0.98% tree-picto)
Total costs1.40% (1.88% tree-picto)1.10% (1.58% tree-picto)0.90% (1.38% tree-picto)


 * BlackRock ongoing charges figure is based on expenses for the twelve month period ending 30th August 2023
tree-picto Sustainable Multi-Asset fund


PLATINUM VIP 20% discount on Swissquote administration fee

APEX VIP 40% discount on Swissquote administration fee

Included free of charge
with your account

The Swissquote administration fee covers all costs associated with the automated investments in your chosen portfolio.

  • Incoming transfers.

  • Outgoing transfers in EUR within the SEPA zone.

  • Quarterly statements.

  • Dedicated support team.

  • No entry, or exit fee.

  • No account opening, or closure fee.


What does our Administration Fee cover?

The Swissquote Administration Fee covers all transaction costs associated with the automated investments in your chosen portfolio. This includes costs for redemptions or switches.

How is the fee charged?

The Swissquote administration fee is based on the value of your portfolio. It is calculated monthly and charged quarterly. The fee is automatically collected from the cash held on your account, in the same currency as your chosen portfolio.

If there is no cash on your account, the fee will result in your cash balance dropping below zero. No interest will be charged on negative balances resulting from fees.

Outstanding administration fees will automatically be deducted from additional funds transferred on to your account before being invested. If your cash balance remains negative one month after the Administration Fee is applied, the Bank may sell some of your holdings in order to cover the debt.

The ongoing charges for managing the portfolio are automatically deducted by BlackRock from the fund performance, and thus not invoiced to your account.

What are the minimum investments in Smart Portfolios?
Minimum investment amountMinimum top-up amount
What fees apply to transactions in the Portfolio?
Entry feeFree
Partial redemptions
Your order will be booked on the next Trade date.
Rebalancing feeFree
Strategy change
Your order will be booked on the next Trade date.
Exit fee
Please note that the pro-rated Swissquote administration fee
will be applied prior to final transfer.
Are there any additional Account Fees?
Account opening feeFree
Incoming transfers and paymentsFree
Cash withdrawals
Please refer to Transfers in the Account Fees section for more details
Up to EUR 10
Account closure feeFree
What fees apply to Currency Conversion (Forex)?

The following spreads apply to currency exchange:

Trade size (Euro or currency equivalent)Spread
25'000 - 100'0000.75%
100'000 - 500'0000.50%
> 500'0000.25%

Currency conversions from ILS, MXN and TRY will be applied a flat 0.90% spread.

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