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No Hidden Fees

All-in annual costs from 0.90%.
No entry or exit fees.

Professionally Managed

Intelligently diversified in low-cost ETFs and index funds.

Simple and Flexible

Automatic rebalancing and investment of new funds.

What’s a Smart Portfolio?

Swissquote Smart Portfolios are designed to put your investments on track for the long-term. Choose a risk profile and a currency (EUR, GBP and USD), fund your account with minimum 5'000 EUR/USD/GBP then top it up at your convenience.

The investment fund you select will be professionally managed to ensure diversification and regularly rebalanced to keep you invested in assets that match with the risk profile you have selected. And with online access to your account valuation, you will always know exactly where you stand.


Investing can help you grow your money

See how an initial investment of EUR 50'000 with monthly top ups of EUR 500 has performed, net of all fees, since October 2015.

SP graph EN - Feb 2023
Performance as at 1/02/2023 - Class D2 EUR

Four investment profiles
to match your objectives

Defensive Portfolio

Preserving your capital is important, but you are targeting performance higher than that of traditional saving schemes.

Defensive Portfolio

Product details:

Defensive EUR
Defensive USD
Defensive GBP

Moderate Portfolio

You are prepared to accept more frequent fluctuations in the value of your capital to achieve higher performance.

Moderate Portfolio

Product details:

Moderate EUR
Moderate USD
Moderate GBP

Growth Portfolio

You are ready to take more risk to achieve capital growth over the long term.


Growth Portfolio

Product details:

Growth EUR
Growth USD
Growth GBP

Sustainable Multi-Asset

Your aim is to maximise total return while taking into account environmental and social issues.

Sustainable Multi-Asset

Product details:

ESG Multi-Asset EUR
ESG Multi-Asset USD

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Included Services

 Portfolio management by BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager with over USD 6 trillion in assets under management, with automatic rebalancing and investment of new funds

 Account domiciled in Luxembourg

 Multi-currency account

 Premium client servicing via phone and email (9am to 10pm CET)

 Online account access to monitor your investments

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Annual Costs

Portfolio value (EUR/GBP/USD)Account costs
On the first 50'0000.90%
On the next 50'0000.60%
Over 100'0000.40%
PortfolioProduct costs
Defensive, Moderate, Growth0.49%
Sustainable Multi-Asset0.97%


Other fees

 Zero Entry fees (vs 5% Prospectus)

 Zero Redemption fees

 Zero Trading or transaction fees

 Zero Custody fees

 Zero Exit fees


1. What’s the minimum investment?
Minimum investment amount5'000 EUR/USD/GBP
Minimum cash transferNo minimum amount
Minimum top-up amountOnce your cash balance reaches 100 EUR/USD/GBP, it will be invested in your Smart Portfolio
2. What currencies are available?

Smart Portfolios are available in EUR, USD and GBP.

3. How will my initial transfer be invested in my Smart Portfolio?

Your initial cash transfer will be automatically invested in the investment you selected in your account application. Available cash is invested the following day.

4. How do I top-up my Smart Portfolio?

You can top up your Smart Portfolio by transferring money to your account, either as a one-off payment made at your convenience, or by setting up regular payments by standing order. Once there is 100 EUR/USD/GBP or more in your account, your available cash balance will be invested in your Smart Portfolio the following day. Your account details can be found under Payments & Transfers.

5. Can I transfer funds in a different currency than the currency of my portfolio?

Yes, you can transfer money in any of the 20+ currencies available. Your cash will then be converted into the currency of your chosen portfolio, prior to the investment date for the month. Standard FX rates will apply.

6. Can I switch to a lower or higher risk profile?

You can switch to a lower or higher risk profile online, or change your strategy currency, at no cost.

The switch is operated in two steps. First, you will need to stop your current strategy, using the Stop button in your Smart Portfolio. Once your strategy has been closed, you can change your investment profile. Go to Settings and select your new profile or currency. To activate your new strategy, please press the button Reactivate. Your available cash will then be invested the following day.

7. What are the costs of the Smart Portfolios?

You can access the pricing details and how the fees are calculated on the pricing page for Smart Portfolios.

8. Is there a minimum holding period?

There is no minimum holding period for Smart Portfolios. You can sell part or all of your portfolio at any time but access to your funds is subject to trade settlement.

9. How do I request a partial redemption?

To redeem funds please log into your account and request a withdrawal for the required amount under Payments & Transfers > Funds Withdrawal. The funds will be transferred on settlement.

If your request is urgent, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. E-mail our Luxembourg-based investment representatives at or call us on +352 2603 2003.

10. How to invest in multiple strategies?

You can hold multiple Smart Portfolios serving different investment horizons, purposes or currency exposure. To create an additional Smart Portfolio, please open a new account by completing our online form here.

11. How can I check my Smart Portfolio’s performance?

You can review the performance of your strategy on the Smart Portfolio platform. The performance is expressed both in terms of absolute performance (actual performance of your investment, in amount) and Time Weighted Rate of Return (historical performance of your portfolio, in percentage). Click on the indicator of your choice to reflect the performance in the chart.

12. What is a KIID?

The Key Investor Information Document (KIID) is a 2-page standardised document provided by the fund company – BlackRock. Each fund share class has its own KIID. It gives you specific information about the fund, such as its objectives and investment policy, its investment risk, charges and past performance. It’s designed to help you decide if a particular fund meets your needs. You can download the relevant KIID below:

KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Defensive D2 EUR 
KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Defensive D2 GBP H 
KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Defensive D2 USD H

KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Moderate D2 EUR 
KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Moderate D2 GBP H 
KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Moderate D2 USD H

KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Growth D2 EUR 
KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Growth D2 GBP H 
KIID BlackRock Managed Index Portfolios – Growth D2 USD H

KIID ESG Multi-Asset Fund – Class D2 EUR
KIID ESG Multi-Asset Fund – Class D2 USD H

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