Trump card

Donald Trump


Hair on fleek, perfect teeth, enthusiastic Twitter user – this is how Donald Trump is engraved in the world’s memory. His election as President of the United States in 2016 made (positive and negative) waves that have an impact until this day but Trump is unswervingly standing on his throne with his head up high – maybe a bit like the musicians on the sinking Titanic? Or is Trump rather the “unsinkable” kind of ship?

Pro: A soaring stock market 


Con: Have you seen his Twitter? 




You may have heard of this reality TV star, 45th president of the United States and reason Twitter had to start fact checking. Donald J. Trump, who announced his 2016 presidential bid with a promise to build a border wall (he hasn’t) and have Mexico pay for it (they haven’t), has been proud of his “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

But Trump’s favorite talking point? A booming economy (that has been steadily expanding for the last 11 years). But with 2020, came Trump’s biggest foe. Not Biden. Not Impeachment. An economy-threatening pandemic that’s killed 170,000 Americans and counting.

In true Trump fashion, the 2020 election will be great reality TV, with possible appearances by Trump’s unnamed national police and his potential refusal to concede the election if he loses. That only applies if you take Trump at his word. We’ll see if voters do, this November.


Mike Pence Bio

Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence describes himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.” His faithful marriage to one woman and fierce opposition to abortion and LGBTQA rights helped Trump secure the Evangelical vote. Now he’s in charge of Space Force. What’s that? No one knows.

6 Policies 

Stay Tough
on Immigration

While US courts intervened to stop Trump’s policy that separated thousands of children from their parents, policies like deporting citizens who do no crime and prohibiting entry to select Muslim countries will continue.

the Environment

After withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, Trump continues to bolster oil and gas production by removing Obama-era regulations for clean energy production and prohibition of new drilling in federally protected areas.


Law &

Trump promises to continue to support local law enforcement. His first fulfillment of this promise came when he ended federal oversight of local departments, and ramped up when he used the Department of Homeland Security to create a nameless police force.

National Security &

Trump helped add $700 billion to the world’s largest-by-far military budget and became the first president to meet with renowned dictator Kim Jung Un in North Korea and first to entertain peaceful relations with Putin’s Russia.


Trump has been proud of what he calls a “crackdown on trade cheaters.” What he considers successes include withdrawing from trade agreement and starting what became a trade war with China.


Tax Reform
in Effect

In 2017, the largest tax cut in three decades spurred on the stock market. It cut the top individual tax rate until 2025 and cut the corporate tax rate permanently.