Keytrade Bank Luxembourg has joined Swissquote Bank Europe to form the leading online
trading and investing bank in Luxembourg.



Will my pricing change?

Yes, you will benefit from our lower pricing, with no custody or account fees, trades from just €14.95 on European, US and Canadian markets, lower Margin Trading / Lombard rates and unique advantages and discounts for qualifying accounts.

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 Keytrade Bank LuxembourgSwissquote Bank Europe
Custody feesFreeFree
Custody fees on clean funds0.09%, min 20 € per quarterFree
Account maintenance feesFreeFree



All markets - Swissquote Bank Europe charges a trade commission of 0.1%, minimum €14.95.

 Keytrade Bank LuxembourgSwissquote Bank EuropeSavings
Real-time quotes€2.50 - €20  per monthFree 
US & Canada   
$2'500 on US markets€26.50€14.95-44%
$20'000 on US markets€26.50€17.65-25%
$10'000 on Canadian markets€26.50€14.95-44%
€2'500 on Xetra€24.95€14.95-40%
€2'500 on Euronext Paris€14.95€14.95=
€10'000 on Euronext Paris€24.95€14.95-40%
£5'000 on London Stock Exchange€35.05€14.95-57%

Forex rates calculated on 16.12.21


If you trade actively, you can benefit from special conditions by purchasing a Trade Bundle. Choose between a bundle of 50 or 100 trades, and reduce your effective trading cost down to as little as 0.06%.

If you trade in larger sizes (from 250k to 1m $/€/Fr) and qualify for VIP status, our Large Trade Bundles are designed for you. Choose a 4 or 20-trade bundle and benefit from an effective trading cost as low as 0.02%. Once the VIP trade bundle is active on your account, our standard rate of commission will continue to be charged on each trade, but you will be refunded at the end of each month to account for the lower cost of trading with a bundle.

Trade Bundle 50

50 Trades

All markets

Effective cost per trade from 0.06%


0.06% supplement on trade value exceeding 25k $/€/Fr (or equiv.)



Trade Bundle 100

100 Trades

All markets

Effective cost per trade from 0.06%


0.06% supplement on trade value exceeding 25k $/€/Fr (or equiv.)



Large Trade Bundle - VIP

4 Trades

All markets

As low as 0.025%


Trade size from 250k to 1m $/€/Fr (or equiv.)



Large Trade Bundle - VIP

20 Trades

All markets

As low as 0.02%


Trade size from 250k to 1m $/€/Fr (or equiv.)




Average cost per tradeKeytrade Bank LuxembourgSwissquote Bank EuropeSavings
  with Trade Bundle 100 
$5'000 on US markets€26.50€14.95-43%
€10’000 on Xetra€24.95€14.95-40%
€25’000 on Euronext€24.95€14.95-40%
€75’000 on Euronext€49.90€44.95-10%
  with Large Trade Bundle 20 
$500'000 on US markets€265€200-25%
€1’000’000 on Euronext€499€200-60%


Find out more about our VIP Program.


With Swissquote, you get access to 2’000+ funds in their lower-cost clean share class. These Clean Funds – available from many of your favourite investment firms – hold the same assets and follow the same investment policy as their 'non-clean' counterparts but their management fee is much lower, giving you the opportunity to invest more cost-effectively and make the most of your returns.

 Keytrade Bank LuxembourgSwissquote Bank EuropeSavings
10’000 € in Robeco Global Consumer TrendsNon-clean classClean classClean class 
Total costs over 1 year€180.95€185.95€146-21%
Total costs over 5 years€864.95€889.95€530-40%

* assuming 1 subscription, held over 1 and 5 years, flat valuation over the period. Total costs include transaction cost, custody fees, fund ongoing charges (based on the expenses for the last calendar year ended 31-12-2020)


 Keytrade Bank LuxembourgSwissquote Bank EuropeSavings
€1’000 of BitcoinN/A€10 


ExampleKeytrade Bank LuxembourgSwissquote Bank EuropeSavings
Loan commission p.a.Margin Interests*Loan commission p.a.Margin Interests
A 100’000 loan ( 50’000 used)€800€900Free0**-100%
A 100’000 loan ( 100’000 used)€800€1'800Free€1'075-59%
A $100’000 loan ($ 50’000 used)$800$1'115Free0**-100%
A $100’000  loan ($100’000 used)$800$2'030Free$1'120-60%
Other currenciesN/ASee our margin interest rates

* based on the monthly average rate (Oct ’21) of the 6-month US Dollar LIBOR, for comparison purposes, with Swissquote monthly average rate (Oct ’21) of the 1-month US Dollar LIBOR.
** 0% rate on up to 50'000 EUR/USD/GBP of loan applies until 30 June 2022.

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