Biden Card

Joe Biden


With a flawless resumé and a clean reputation, the former Vice President and Senator seems to have what it takes to do the job. Aged 77, Biden says he is going to build on Obama’s legacy and lead his country by the hand to once and for all put an end to the current crisis. We cannot help but wonder: Is Biden the man that will make Uncle Sam sleep better at night or is he just the lesser of two evils, as malicious tongues would claim?

Pro: Never said the pandemic was a hoax 


Con: Recycled establishment politician 




Joe Biden, former president Barack Obama’s vice president, is a long-time darling of moderate Democrats. The recent Democratic National Convention shone a light on his strategy: Defend democracy and welcome a wide range of Americans, including ardent Bernie Sander supporters and Republicans alike.

A career politician, Biden earned his first Senate seat at the young age of 29. He quickly became known for his foreign policy expertise. He has also been a proponent of tougher crime laws that have put a disproportionately high number of people of color behind bars in a country that houses more than 20 percent of the world’s prison population. Now, he says he’ll eliminate private prisons.

His cringe-worthy tendency to give young women unsolicited back rubs is only acceptable in that it pales in comparison to the president’s own record. But this year, “acceptable” is enough for millions of voters ready to say “Bye-Don” 2020.


Harris Bio

Kamala Harris breaks barriers as a Black and Indian woman running for vice president of the US. Harris came up as what she called a “progressive prosecutor” in California, though some say she’s too pro-police to be a sound choice as Black Lives Matter protests take over the nation.

6 Policies 

Build Back Better:
Sustainable Infrastructure and a Clean Energy Future

Biden promises a whopping $2 trillion investment in clean energy and investment in infrastructure, housing and more to create jobs.


Build Back Better:
Jobs and Recovery for Working Families

Biden’s first of four pledges to build a better economy than the US had before the pandemic focuses on providing immediate relief to state and local governments, extending unemployment benefits, and providing a “comeback” package for businesses.

Build Back Better:
Racial Equity Across the American Economy

Spurring more than $50 billion in additional public-private venture capital to Black and Brown entrepreneurs is step one of many in shifting capital to historically disadvantaged communities.


Build Back Better:
21st Century Caregiving and Education Workforce

A third bold initiative aims to ensure access to high-quality, affordable childcare and universal preschool, and support caregivers and educators with higher-paying jobs.


The Biden Plan
for Immigration

Step 1: Undo damage Trump has done with family separation and other inhumane policies and restore safer practices for asylum seekers. Step 2: Explore how to assist countries facing crises like civil war and unrest.


The Biden Plan
for Ending Gun Violence

In what is sure to be a hot-button issue, Biden proposes a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Current owners of these weapons would have to register there or sell them back to the government.