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Get up to EUR 500 when you fund or transfer your account.

Bonus offer


Open and fund your account with Swissquote and get up to EUR 500 bonus*.

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Enter promocode MKT_BONUS500 when you apply


Transfer offer


Switch to Swissquote and we’ll reimburse your portfolio transfer fees up to EUR 500*.

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Enter promocode MKT_TRANSFER when you apply.



Terms and Conditions

Bonus offer

1. This Promotion is applicable to all new clients who successfully apply for a trading account with Swissquote Europe using the promo code MKT_BONUS500 between 1 March 2023 and 30 April 2023. If no promo code is indicated, the client will not receive the gift.

2. To qualify for the bonus (up to 500 euro), the Client must fund the account before 31 May 2023 with:

- Minimum 2’000 euro for a 50 euro bonus
- Minimum 5’000 euro for a 100 euro bonus
- Minimum 25’000 euro for a 200 euro bonus
- Minimum 50’000 euro for a 300 euro bonus
- Minimum 250’000 euro for a 500 euro bonus

3. The bonus will be deposited into the account by 30 June 2023 the latest.

4.  All other regular fees and pricing will apply, e.g. forex spreads and phone trading will be subject to the current rate card.

5. This offer is limited to one per account. Joint-account applicants and multiple account applicants are only entitled to benefit from the offer once

6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

7. This offer does not apply to Forex/CFDs accounts

8. Swissquote Bank Europe reserves the right to add, alter or modify all or any of these terms and conditions, or replace wholly or in part, this offer by any other offer, or to withdraw the offer altogether, without prior notice.

9. This offer is provided by Swissquote Bank Europe and is governed by the applicable Luxembourg law and regulatory provisions, and banking customs generally applicable and followed in Luxembourg.

Transfer offer

The offer (welcome gift) consists of the covering of costs up to EUR 500 associated with the transfer of securities - deposited in another institution - to the new Swissquote Bank Europe account.

1. The application to open an account must be submitted between 19.12.2022 and 14.04.2023.

2. The promo code "MKT _TRANSFER" has to be entered into the respective field on the account opening form. If no promo code is indicated, the client will not receive the gift.

3. The account opening documents must be submitted to Swissquote Bank Europe, either digitally or by post, by 05.05.2023 (date of postmark)

4. The value of each line transferred is at least 500 EUR or the equivalent.

- The costs relative to the securities' transfer will be credited to the new account if the following conditions are cumulatively fulfilled:

1. The securities must be transferred by 12.05.2023 lates

2. The bank documents of the transfer costs have to be send to the following address or e-mail address by 31.05.2023 latest:

Attn: Customer Service
Swissquote Bank Europe SA
2 Rue Edward Steichen
L-2958 Luxembourg


Who may benefit from the offer?

1. This offer is aimed exclusively at new clients who do not hold a trading account with Swissquote Bank Europe on 19.12.2022.

2. This offer is not available for the opening of Smart Portfolios or eForex accounts.


General Conditions

1. Each new client may open any number of accounts, but will receive a welcome gift only once, regardless of the number of accounts opened.

2. This offer does not apply to US residents or US Persons.

3. Swissquote Bank Europe reserves the right to alter, extend, cut short or cancel the referral offer at its sole discretion at any time, without prior warning and with no liability on its part.

4. The welcome gift will be attributed only once to the new client.

5. The welcome gift cannot be given back, exchanged, or converted into cash.

6. No correspondence will be entered into with regard to this offer. There is no right of appeal.

7. Swissquote Bank Europe reserves the right to refuse an account opening application at its discretion.

8. Swissquote Bank Europe reserves the right to refuse the transfer of certain securities into the account, particularly based on their characteristics or origin.




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