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Based in Luxembourg. Made in Switzerland. 
And as international as you are.

Your financial future deserves the best protections and guarantees.

Swissquote Bank Europe is a fully-licensed bank in Luxembourg, an AAA-rated, tax neutral jurisdiction.

Your assets are held securely by a custodian and cash protected up to EUR 100,000.

SIX-listed since 2000, Swissquote Group Holding holds CHF 32.2 billion in assets for 360,000 clients, worldwide.

Invest your way. 

Offshore investment account.

Global access to stocks, ETFs, funds and currencies.

Whether you’re a buy and hold investor, or an active trader, our web and mobile trading platforms are built to support your investment objectives.

• Trade stocks and ETFs on global markets: 0.1% stock and ETF commission, with discounts for active traders.

• Save more on forex costs: One multi-currency account to hold cash and settle trades in 22 currencies.

• Low interest rates on margin: Margin loans for your trading and financing needs.

• Clean Funds: Save more with the lowest cost mutual funds.





Smart Portfolios

Automated investing that works for you.

• Professionally managed: Intelligently diversified in low-cost ETFs and index funds.

• No hidden fees: All-in annual costs from 0.90% with no entry or exit fees.

• Simple and flexible: Automatic rebalancing and investment of new funds.

• Four investment profiles: Portfolios fit for your goals and risk tolerance.


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