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When you live outside your country of citizenship, knowing how best to manage your hard-earned savings and investments can be a challenge. Before you choose a provider, it’s important to consider various factors that could help you benefit from your expat status.

Which country?

If you open an investment or savings account in a country like Luxembourg, you could gain possible tax-efficient advantages. Luxembourg is also an ‘AAA’ rated financial centre renowned for its stable economy and investor protection, so your assets will be safe.

Which investment provider?

It makes sense to choose a global provider experienced in servicing the bespoke needs of expat investors. For added reassurance, look for reputable companies with full bank status in highly regulated countries such as Luxembourg. Do you just need the services of a retail bank or would an online investment specialist bring you more benefits?

Based in Luxembourg, Swissquote is a leader in online investing for international investors. Offering both expat and US expertise - plus competitive rates, comprehensive coverage and premium research from Morningstar. Swissquote provides the perfect solution for expat investors looking for excellent customer service and online access from anywhere around the globe.

Which account?

When considering which type of investment account to open, think about what features you’ll need and the overall running costs. Compare levels of service, terms and fees and don’t be caught out by hidden charges. If you’re in search of a central hub for all your international investments, you’ll benefit from a single account that’s convenient to access and easy to manage.

The Swissquote multi-currency investment account allows you to manage your cash and investments through one convenient account, with access to 22 different currencies at no extra cost. If you need a low-cost way to move money in different currencies easily and efficiently between countries, then this account is ideal. You can reduce foreign exchange costs by settling trades in local money and change cash from one currency to another at competitive rates from just 0.2% with zero commission.

What about added value?

With a multi-currency account, you can trade stocks and ETFs on 18 global markets from €14.95 and Invest in lower cost clean funds. Exclusive free Morningstar equity research and ideas worth €199 are offered free to help you identify new opportunities.

What next?

Expat accounts can vary significantly, depending on where the provider is based, the latest legislation and how the account is managed. It’s worth doing the upfront research to ensure that the account you choose will offer the support you need to meet your investment goals.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to invest internationally and manage multiple currencies, it’s easy to open an account with Swissquote. Apply online or call us on +352 2603 2626 from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Friday.

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